Interesting Travel Spots in Nepal

imagecontentnepalNepal is a country landlocked between two bigger countries-China and India. This nation, however, is in a world of its own as first seen by the curious traveler. Nepal is a land of extremes, and it is most evident in that tropical forests abound less than 50 kilometers from the freezing summit of Mt. Everest. Travelers going to Nepal can experience a multitude of extremes by visiting warm, wet jungles then going to snow-clad areas the day after.

The first stop in a visit to Nepal is the capital city of Kathmandu. The city invites travelers to a visual feast with a distinctly Asian flavor. There is much to do in this city-from visiting temples and pagodas, to walking around the markets and haggling for exotic goods.

To the south of Nepal, travelers can visit Lumbini, the place where Siddhartha Gautama, the famous Buddha, was born. One can catch a 45-minute flight from Kathmandu for around $75 to get here. The main attraction here is the Sacred Garden, home to temples, stupas (sacred relic sites) and monasteries. Museums showcasing ancient Mauryan culture, pottery, and coins are also places worth visiting in Lumbini.

In the

Canada as a travel destination

Why choose Canada for your next trip

From snowy mountains and glaciers to secluded lakes and deep forests; Canada’s unparalleled natural beauty would surely awaken the inner explorer in you. The second largest country in the world, Canada also has unique cosmopolitan cities that are vibrant and multicultural. Whether your interests are trekking or live theatre this country would not disappoint you. Spectacular cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Victoria and Quebec City attract millions of tourists every year from all over the world. Nahanni National Park, Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Cabot Trail, Niagara Falls, Scenic Drives are some of the few natural attractions for tourists. You can take advantage of the array of outdoor activities that Canada offer. You can do camping, skiing / snowboarding, golfing, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, kayaking and canoeing. According to surveys, Canada is one of the most affordable countries perfect for vacation. So this December plan a trip to Canada with your family and friends.

Things you should know before visiting Canada

The Canadian Government has made a provision for Electronic travel authorization (eTA) that will act as an alternative to Visa for foreign nationals

The Perfect Vehicle to Transport a Large Group

It is not every day that a common person is treated like royalty. Yeah, people may be nice to you, but it is still rare to feel like you are rich and famous. That happened to me not long ago when I was in charge of transportation for a work party. We were having it at a lodge that was a couple of hours from where we work, and my boss asked me to look into Toronto party buses rentals. I did not even know there was such a thing as a party bus. I have seen limos, but I thought that was the extent of a limo company’s fleet.

I could not have been more wrong though. Read More

Planning a Cycling Holiday Online: A Beginner’s Guide

Cycling is widely regarded as one of the best ways to stay fit and keep your weight in check. A recent study showed that cycling is the most efficient means of getting from one place to another. Enthusiastic cyclists generally use their cycles for going from one place to another. If you are a fan of cycling and are fit enough to cycle over long distances, you should seriously consider planning a cycling holiday.

What Is a Cycling Holiday?

Cycling holidays are very different from conventional holidays. Conventional holiday packages are readily available from travel agents. You will visit another country, stay in a hotel, see all the different sights and visit popular attractions. Most people return from holidays with more fat around their waistlines. However, cycling holiday packages are completely different. You will have the freedom to cycle on various popular cycling routes in another country. The company will arrange everything, ranging from the accommodation to determining the most popular cycling paths that you can take.

Benefits of Cycling Holidays

Cycling holidays are quite beneficial to a person’s health. Most people don’t spend a lot of time walking or exercising on ordinary trips.

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Search and Book Cheap Hotel at Surabaya

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Music – Getting Started &amp

The Health Benefits of Listening to Music Most of us love to hear and to listen to music because this is an art which uses sound as its medium; the common elements found in music are its pitch the governs the melody and harmony, the dynamics, the rhythm, the timbre and the texture. Music differ from one place to another due to the creation of its origin based on the culture, practice and tradition of the people who live in a certain place and this is the reason why music has many genres and subcategories. Almost everybody loves to listen to music and every person also differ on the kind of genre of music that they want to hear and because of this, there are various health benefits that we can get when we listen to our favorite music. If you want to improve your visual, verbal and communication skills, you can certainly do especially if you have children because you can achieve this by learning and studying the various concepts of music and these help you understand and develop these skills. Your brain can function properly and it can also relax your

The right way to get the most pleasure from walking

Walking, Trekking, Rambling or Just Strolling

Walking is one thing the majority individuals do daily, it is part of what we’ve got to do in our day to day lives. But several of us on top of that love walking due to what else it could give us. People have a variety of motives for turning rambling in to a leisure activity or hobby, motives such as enjoyment, keeping fit, wildlife watching, neighborhood archaeology and heritage, map reading, walking the dog, just taking in the scenery or enjoying the nearby hostelries on a pub walk. Trekking may also be a sociable activity or a solitary hobby to gain some peace from an otherwise busy existence. Rambling offers us the ability to get away from it all and inhale some refreshing clean air.

Not only that but to make it even better walking as a hobby need not be expensive, all you need is a decent strong pair of boots or shoes to protect your feet and ankles together with waterproof outdoor clothes to shield you from the rain. To help you to think about what you need My Outdoor Store has assembled a checklist of nine “dos and don’ts” for

The Taj Mahal in Modern Times

In 1947 India gained independence from the Great Britain and established a democracy. In 1958 the government created the Archaeological Survey of India with the provision to oversee the monuments of historical importance, including the Taj Mahal.

Indians are very proud of the Taj Mahal, but the country has not always had the money or other resources to maintain it properly. In 1983, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) included the Taj Mahal on its World Heritage List. Because of this classification, the Taj Mahal has received significant funding from international sources. These funds help address the three biggest problems facing the Taj Mahal in modern times: Damage from pollution, heavy rains and too many visitors.

Present day Agra is a home to many coal burning factories. The soot from these factories discolors the white marble of the Taj Mahal, turning it a grayish yellow. To prevent damage from all sorts of pollution, the Taj Mahal has been constantly cleaned. The Supreme Court of India has ruled out that the coal burning factories in Agra must either relocate or switch to cleaner burning natural gas. The Government is also taking steps to reduce other kinds of pollution near the

Nepal Tour – New Travel Experience Of Lifetime

Nepal is the treasure trove of natural wonderments, historic sightseeing, pilgrimage destinations, temples and more of all endless tourist attractions. It is country where nature has been so pious that Nepal since ages have been crowned with the glory of paradise on earth.

The kingdom of Nepal has endless tourist attractions and more importantly tourists from all the nook and corner of the world come in hordes to enjoy vacation with immense fun and joy. The country is not only place for holiday makers but at the same time enjoy place as the adventure tourist destination as out of the 10 highest mountain peak in the world 8 are in Nepal that have paved way for the boom of adventure tourism.

Nepal tourism has seen a rapid boom and with the increase in the visit of tourists from across the world, hospitality industry and the infrastructure is also developing to offer the visitors world class accommodation as well as dining facilities. Nepal is making an over-all development to enhance the tourism, and truly in the recent years there is a rapid increase in the visit of tourists to Nepal.

The treasure trove of natural wonderments and picturesque

Everest Trekking To Everest Base Camp

Nepal offers some of the best trekking regions in the world and one of its most favoured trekking destinations is Everest Basecamp. Each year many adventure trekkers make the journey to Nepal to follow the trail which offers stunning vistas of some of the highest and most famous mountains in the world.

As well as affording the opportunity to reach the famous Everest Basecamp where Sir Edmund Hilary & Tensing Norgay Sherpa made the first successful attempt to climb the summit, the route also offers spectacular views of mountains such as Mt Lhotse, Mt. Amadablam and Island Peak and the wildlife, flora and fauna on this trek are also worth a mention.

The route begins with a 30 minute scenic flight from Nepals capital Kathmandu to Lukla. The planes are small; typically 16-18 seats and tend to fill up quickly due to the popularity of the Everest Base Camp Trek. Once in Lukla trekkers make their way to Phakding which is about 5 miles away to spend their first night at a Tea House. A Teahouse trek offers accommodation in basic but comfortable local lodges. Hot showers can be made available at an additional cost but be prepared

Enjoy Night Life In Kathmandu Nepal

The city once one of the world’s most inaccessible destinations has travel links to most places. Kathmandu UK, USA, Europe, and the rest of Asia is well served.
Kathmandu means all music needs to be put off by 10 pm and people on the streets should be on their way home. In this magnitude too, you still can be merry in the fascinating action packed Casinos or shake a leg or two in some discotheques. Kathmandu accommodation search for the best cheap flights to kathmandu.

Here are four Casinos in Kathmandu located in the premises of the citys top hotels which offers 24 hours of non stop fun and games like baccarat, blackjack, flush, poker, pontoon, roulette, and other card games and slot machines. All the games are played in chips and they can be bought with US dollars or Indian rupees. You’ll get free food and sometimes a disco if you put some money on the tables. Nepali’s are officially forbidden from entering in Casinos.

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Where To Visit In Venice Italy

You must experience Venice. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you it isn’t worth visiting, that it’s a tourist trap, that it smells. No, you need to know exactly where to visit in Venice Italy in order to remember a life time experience over and over again.

Venice is romantic whether you go with a lover or a friend. It’s one of those cities that is charming and small and begs to be explored. There are no streets, at least for cars. The only way to get around Venice is by foot or a boat of some sort. Doesn’t that take you back in time and bring out the romantic in you? Don’t settle for stories from your travel friends or pictures in a book, go and experience Venice for yourself.

But isn’t it crowded?

Yes, Venice seems crowded… How could it not be? It’s one of the most popular destinations in Europe (with good reason we think). The crowds are compressed into the narrow streets, and there will be many more tourists during the day and the summer. Try to visit Venice in the spring or fall… or even winter, and you’ll find fewer crowds. The number of tourists may be smaller

Enjoy The Unforgettable Sensation Of Nepal Tour

This is one of the most sought after tourist destination in entire Asia. This beautiful country is the land of assortments and is beautifully surrounded by the lofty Himalayans. Truly this country is one of the best countries in the entire world and is visited by the thousands and thousands of tourists. Rich culture, natural resource, outstanding heritage and the greeneries all around easily attracts many visitors from all over the globe. The wide array of tourist attractions and the fabulous destinations easily invites the visitors for their fun filed vacation. Truly charming Nepal is beautifully arranged by splendor beauty and scintillating attractions which are very worth to visit and explore. Along with the tourist attractions this country is very beautiful and is bliss for the trek and the adventure lovers.

Truly, this country is very beautiful and is blessed by the amazing natures which attract tourists from every nook and corner of the world. The couples, families, vacationers are worship to visit this country to commemorate their vacation. The prime attractions and the fabulous destinations which enhance the Nepal tourism are listed below:

Mount Everest:Truly if you want to explore and see the scenic place where the sky

N . C . Family Mining

Recreational mining refers to recreational activities undertaken using numerous kinds of mining gear. It is the type of mining people do for entertainment, in their leisure time – a household activity that revives the Gold Rush from the 1800’s – and shouldn’t be confused with the industrial mining done, generally, by corporations and for-profit.

Thermal City Gold Mine

Thermal City Gold Mine is certainly the very best known recreational gold mining camp on the East Coast. It is very rich in minerals and you may mine for emarld, citrine, rose quarts, rubies, and much more.

It is rather easy to make it by car. Found on Highway 221 it’s halfway between Marion and Rutherford, right on the Rutherford – McDowell county line. Originating from the Rutherfordton/Marion exit on I-40, head to the south in the direction of Rutherfordton for approximately 8 or 8.5 miles whilst keeping an eye for the road sign on the left side. You will see directions to the mine.

It is very affordable to stay at Thermal City and will fit everyone’s budget. You are able to camp on the riverside for as low as $15.00 per night or obtain a cabin

Tigers Skin, Bones And Claws Seized On The Indo- Nepal Border And Uttarakhand

th January 2012, a biggest tiger skin was seized by department of the Naxal bari Customs Division. Skin was seized at Panithanki in the Darjeeling district of the West Bengal on the Indo- Nepal border, India. One 60 years old criminal was arrested. He is a Nepalese citizen and is belong to Lumbini in the eastern Nepal. A large cash amount was too recovered from the criminal. First time was seized the skin of a tiger at Indo- Nepal border post said by Officer of Customs Division. Although, they had former time seized a rhino horn and two leopard skin. This news is very bad for wildlife organisations and forest and environment department of Indian government.
Many wildlife and tiger lovers have despairing been after read this news.

Ranthambhore National Park is one of the biggest parks in India. If you want see the tiger hence you can visit Ranthambhore national park. It is located about 11 KM away from Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan in India.

Another bad news for tigers and wildlife lovers has happened on the 11th January 2012 in the Uttarakhand state of India. 9 kilogram bones of tiger, 3 canines,18 claws of

Asia, The Best Travel Destination

Japan – Tokyo is the capital city and home of the Imperial Residence and Emperor’s Palace. Select a popular destination or region in Japan and explore its attractions. Ride the Bullet Train to the magnificent city of Kyoto. Visit Hiroshima and the Peace Memorial Park. Castles, temples, gardens, the list of top destinations in Japan is too long for this article..
Taiwan – Taipei, the country’s booming, vibrant capital remains steeped in Chinese, Japanese and native Taiwanese cultures. Some of its most impressive sights include the Grand Hotel, topped by the largest Classical Chinese roof in the world, the Shihlin Night Market, the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial with the National Theater and Concert Hall located directly across from each other on the grounds. A popular day trip is Tailuge (Taroko Gorge), considered one of the natural wonders of the world.
Hong Kong – the Pearl of East and jewel of The Orient. Nathan Road is lined with shops, restaurants, nightspots and cheap places to stay. If you’re in Hong Kong with the little ones, they’ll probably appreciate Ocean Park (aquarium), Water World (swimming pools and water slides), and of course Disneyland. If you’re in Hong Kong for more than

Rajasthan Tours – An Everlasting Celebration of Life and Resilience

If you have been looking forward to holidaying in a place where history speaks without the help of words, travel to Rajasthan. Located in west India, Rajasthan is a place that cannot be equated with any other place in the world for its sun kissed Thar Desert, safaris, heritage hotels, glorious palaces, mystic forts, tourist destinations, lush green forests, wildlife, traditional arts and crafts, fairs and festivals, and pilgrimage centres. This prestigious land of the kings and queens has acquired huge accolades from all over the world for its unlimited historical forts that are built on the lines of amazing and beautiful traditional architecture.

Travel to royal Rajasthan for a journey in time to hundreds of years of Rajput dominance in the land, full of regal vigour, lavishness, bloody battles, fierce loyalty, moving tales of romance and chivalry, and medieval sense of honour and pride. Some of the most famous forts that are reminiscent of the royal grandeur and major historical events are Chittaurgarh fort, Amber Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, Junagarh Fort, and Mehrangarh Fort. These forts enhance the beauty of the land as they have been built to match the aristocratic standards of the rulers centuries ago.

Tours to Rajasthan offer some

The Finest Collection Of Rare Genuine Indra Malas & Rudrakshas From Indo-nepal

In Hindu Mythology, Lord Indra has an exalted place. The famous Hindu Religious manuscript, Vedas reveals that Lord Indra, the Vedic King of Heaven, is regarded as the leader of the Devas, the God of War, the God of Thunder and Lightning. Its said that Lord Indra rode on the great white elephant AIRAVATA which resembled a scared white mountain with four majestic tusks and was always victorious.

Lord Indra is identified with strength on all levels of life, both spiritual and material. The power of Lord Indra is such that his combined energy is known to rule over the atmosphere and sky as well as the God of Rain who in Vedic Mythology rules over the deities of the mid-region and fights against demons or forces of darkness and conquers them with his thunderbolts.

A rare combination of 1 to 21 Mukhi collector beads or Mukhi Rudrakshas, Indra Mala, also called Indrakshi mala, is one of the most powerful Rudraksha Malas. Its enormous significance is such that one who wears it is said to actually attain a position of responsibility and authority in conjunction with the energies of Lord Indra himself. The Indra energy that emanates from the Mala

Staying Green on the Go Five Eco-Friendly Hotels

If you’re intent on taking an eco-friendly U.S. vacation, you’ll be pleased by new green hotel options in California, New York, and other holiday destinations. Here are five top picks to satisfy Earth-friendly travelers. You can also look for discount hotel rates for these options.

1) The Gaia Napa Valley Hotel & Spa is the first environmentally sustainable hotel to arrive in Northern California’s wine country. Nestled on four acres of well-preserved land, the Gaia Hotel is an impressive fusion of comfort and eco-consciousness. Upon entering the luxurious lobby, guests can spot a real-time display of how much energy the hotel is expending and conserving. By day, solar panels capture sunlight to power the hotel and spa. At night, guests find nature poems tucked into their pillows! The green hotel boasts chemical-free landscaping, recycled carpeting, low-fume paints, energy-efficient appliances, and additional eco-friendly features.

2) Also in Northern California, but in a downtown city setting, the Orchard Garden Hotel is a trendsetter in the green hotels business. This San Francisco establishment uses organic toiletries, recycled paper goods, and chemical-free cleaners. Environmental consciousness was considered at virtually every point in the hotel’s construction, from the application of eco-friendly wallpaper glue to the installation of